Why riddlock

Assets are lost when families are not aware


Funds kept in accounts with password not accessible to family for urgent needs


Health insurance hidden in emails unknown to others in case you are down yourself


Discovering assets a struggle for kin if primary owners are impacted together


Information of old assets or liabilities not updated resulting in loss or penalty risk



Bank account is a financial asset. Net banking password gives access to it and your identity proof verifies your ownership. Families would need the complete asset information to access during emergencies or claim eventually.



People do not keep nominee information updated. Sometimes nominees are not longer valid, they relocate or pass away. Nominees are also not informed about the asset for them to keep track when the time comes.


Legal Will

Majority do not make a will. Those who do generally do it old age and if they have multiple contenders to their assets. Wills are also macro without detailed information of every asset. Moreover, they come into force on demise only.



Most governments assist their citizens in reclaiming forgotten assets. They have departments and processes to do so. However, one would initiate it only if you know something exists, otherwise there is no starting point.

Nominees and wills have existed for decades. Yet unclaimed assets keep rising every year. They are in billions in USA, UK and India.

Riddlock is a private family network for assets

Store asset data and connect it privately with family. Add passwords, funds, loans, insurances, property and more. For life's emergencies, choose an inheritor.

Built on a total privacy platform, riddlock provides user, data and social privacy. Stay anonymous, encrypted and hidden from all except those you connect with.

Anonymous and encrypted

Privacy by default, by design

Designed for families