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People risk exposing important data by sharing in free chats and emails. Many share passwords too.


We are a small team of IT professionals with the ambition to create a product that has users at its core. Our features and approach is centered around user empowerment. We are always looking for people who can invest time, effort or money. If you share our view, write to us.


Our goal is to tie-up with banks, financial institutions, fintechs and startups that hold consumer data or have access to it. This is to enable our users to fetch their asset data automatically into their privacy account in riddlock for the purpose of inheritance. If you are a government regulated entity that sees mutual benefit in this tie-up, write to us.


Users are our direct source, motivation and trigger for improvement. All our features are a result of feedback from users who believe in privacy and user empowerment to project their identity and data.

Write to us on what we are doing right and where we are going wrong. If you are driven by passion and want to join us, get in touch.