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Asset data inheritance to protect your family in crisis

Most governments assist people in re-claiming forgotten assets. Yet unclaimed assets rise each year in every country.


Empower families to prevent their assets from getting lost, forgotten or unclaimed. Build it on a total privacy platform that allows even children to participate without fear of online exposure.

Protect user identity

Prevent misuse of user data

Empower users


As the founder and think tank, Pravin's work philosophy is that 'to be able to do something one should not stop doing it.' Having worked for more than 25 years in IT, at heart he is an execution guy. Magnitude in effort, velocity of action and undiluted focus on goals are his mantra. Not a tech guru, but an avid learner. What nobody will do, he does. Enjoys coding even today!


Manu is our chief architect and technical guru. He thinks macro, works hardcore and understands operations top to bottom. Scrum master, expert in Microsoft technologies, encryption and databases, his list of skills is long. With 20 years in IT, and currently living in London, Manu has limitless passion for new technologies. Loves travelling too.


Suraj leads our business strategy and sales. After spending 3 decades with Dell, Nokia & Sprint, his mantra is “if you focus on doing the activities right with the utmost integrity, the results will take care of themselves”. An avid reader of history - the fact that it repeats itself never ceases to amaze him - he leads a disciplined lifestyle, anchored in daily yoga and meditation. Next goal Taekwondo!


Naren is our brand guru. His ad campaigns include the first to feature Amitabh Bachchan for BPL, Pure for Sure for Bharat Petroleum, first India-centric British Airways campaign and India launch of Yakult. A national finalist at ET Brand Equity Quiz, he is a motor sports enthusiast and a founder of Northern Motorsport.


Manish is not just our infrastructure specialist but much more. In 20+ years, he has worked extensively in operations, engaging at CxO levels, driving profitability, cost efficiencies and strategic initiatives in complex agile environments, Six Sigma, ISO, SOX IT and ITIL framework. Based in Sydney, he is a social and party animal at heart!

Other Associates

Individual investors, freelancers and other contributors form our support system. These are people from all walks of life who get involved as needed. Their contribution has been immense, from business strategy to last mile execution.