Stay Offline by Default

Access your data offline. Go online only to update.

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Your ids and passwords, financial data, medical history, education records, work related information, property documents, insurance details, business and legal contracts, personal files and similar private data should be available to you at all times, with or without internet connectivity. At the same time, nobody else should have access to it unless you decide to share.

Offline Access

Riddlock’s offline by default feature does just that. It is based on the premise that 90% of the times one simply accesses existing data. If all this data is available offline in your device, you will have no need to go online at all, except to add new data which will be once in a while. If you stay offline, your exposure to the internet will be minimal too. You may still be online in your device, but not for accessing your data in riddlock. Therefore your private, important and confidential data in riddlock will not travel on the internet between your device and our server.

Secure Storage

It is important, however, that your data stored in your device is secure and protected. For this purpose, riddlock uses the W3C standard IndexedDB database which is supported by all major browsers in the world. Moreover, we store your data in the IndexedDB in encrypted form, accessible only on entering your private key.

No Internet

A further benefit of offline access is that your data is available to you even when you have no internet connectivity on your device. This may happen when in you are in the basement of a building or in a remote location vacationing somewhere. All data, pictures, documents and files stored in your device will be available to you irrespective.

New Device

As part of riddlock’s design, the data you add at any time gets stored automatically in your device’s IndexedDB database. How do we handle exceptions?

·       If you change your device, your login goes to the server to fetch your data and store it in the new device. The data and files inside all your items are similarly fetched and stored as and when you open an item. They become accessible offline from that point onward.

·       If you lose your device, your data stays encrypted in the lost device, accessible only by entering your private key.

You may also be using more than one device, laptop or computer at different times. The same offline features will work in each of them and you will have access to your data in all!

Online Synchronization

Since riddlock maintains your access offline by default, it also provides you with a feature of synchronizing online. You may synchronize any time you want or riddlock may alert you to do so every few days. Online synchronization is important if you have added new data from another device, have connected items with other users or have inherited the data of another user. Barring these scenarios, you may stay offline forever.

Total Privacy

Users in riddlock are anonymous. Riddlock never asks for your name, identity, profile information, email id, mobile number, contacts, location or any other personally identifiable information. It neither captures your device id nor uses cookies to track you. Your data is always encrypted in your device, on the network and our server. In addition to this, our offline feature enhances your overall privacy multi-fold.

Our total privacy feature has a patent applied in India (application # 202311051922).



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